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D Power has dynamic team to engineer, manufacture, sales and maintain/services our clients. Our unique team with strong power distribution, PLC sensors, electronics and AI/IoT background will support business requirements. Team members also has strong client and vendor base which will sustain our sales and manufacturing basis. With combined over 50 years of RnD experiences, the team has the foundation to design/customize and complete to most client engineering requirements

Green Technology companies are looking for ways to reduce the energy consumption of their products. Companies are focusing on designing energy-efficient products, power supplies, and integrated circuits to be energy-efficient, and creating co-operative solutions to help customers reduce their carbon emissions. Environment-friendly corporate practices reduce business risks, improve reputation, and generate enormous market opportunities in the green technology and sustainability market. In the recent wireless era, numerous devices are using wireless technology in their day-to-day activities; these wireless devices consume a large amount of energy and emit a considerable amount of carbon while being used. Technological companies are presented with an opportunity to not only reduce the energy consumption in these wireless devices but also minimize the amount of carbon emitted by these devices.

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